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"We want to become the best performers in India" - Meet Bros
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Meet Bros, Manmeet Singh and Harmeet Singh, who have churned out several chartbusters in the last couple of years, talk about their journey in tinsel town so far.

When and how did your journey into the world of music start?

Manmeet: We started out as pop singers in 2000; those days belonged to Daler Mehndi, Mika Singh and Shaan. But we feel lucky to be back with film music. We are doing a lot of singles. We also feel encouraged to do independent music again, as there is a new audience for such music.

Which genres do you want to explore as composers?

Harmeet: We are known for peppy numbers. When you make one track and it becomes a hit, everyone wants you to make songs in that genre. Luckily, this year will be different, as we are working on many romantic numbers.

Do you only listen to peppy numbers?

Harmeet: We used to follow Bryan Adams and metal music earlier, but somewhere in early 2012-2013, we lost interest. It was good music for us, until we started listening to A R Rahman sir's compositions.

You recently released a revisited version of Stereo Nation's 'Nachange Saari Raat'. Usually, listeners consider such songs rehashes.

Manmeet: If you recreate a track, and it becomes a hit, producers ask you to recreate other songs too. 'High heels' (Ki & Ka; the original song was Yo Yo Honey Singh's) was a hit. When we revisited it, the new version also became popular. As for 'Nachange saari raat', we didn't mess around with the original song. We only do what works for a number.

What are your aspirations?

Manmeet: We have always believed that we are better performers than music makers. We are at our best when we are on stage. We want to become the best performers in India. We never thought we'll make it so far because we started out late. We are not trained; whatever we have achieved is because of our passion.

Did you two ever have conflicts or a difference of opinion?

Harmeet: Conflicts are bound to happen, but we've spent so many years together that we have now learnt to disagree. As far as our music is concerned, we have a huge team. Whenever there's a difference of opinion, we have a lot of people to talk to. We are inseparable.

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