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Interview with Ranbir Kapoor (Barfi!)
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Bollywood Reporter Supriya Davda speaks to one of the hottest stars in Bollywood, Ranbir Kapoor. The actor speaks to Supriya Davda about his upcoming film Barfi, his craft and shares his views about carrying the Kapoor legacy forward in the Hindi Film Industry.

SD: You play the character of Barfi; how difficult is to convey your emotions without speaking; especially since the film is a love story?

RK: You know when Anurag Basu [Director] narrated the story to me I was blown away; but I didn’t do the film because I was playing a challenged character, because as an actor that would be extremely tempting character to play, as it lets you show of so many of your skills. But I think this is a story about a character called Barfi who is incidentally is deaf and mute. You will see the film has physically comedy and plenty of antics. But you’re right we express ourselves differently when we have dialogues to cite or songs to sing.

SD: Rockstar and Barfi are extremely different films.

RK Yes, both are diametrically opposite to one another. Rockstar was an extremely intense experience for me and preparation is involved. When coming onto the sets of Barfi, you don’t know what’s going to happen or what you’ll be doing but always pressured about the thought. Both experiences have remained challenging in that way. Butt I have tried to play the part of Barfi organically.

SD: Did you meet people with these challenges in order to prepare for your character?

RK: Oh yes I did. And I did learn a lot from them, and also whilst I was assisting Sanjay Leela Bhansali on Black I had come across many such people, but when I did go on set I wanted to forget about what I saw, because we wanted the audiences to relate to the film. If I were to learn sign language for the film, majority of the audiences wouldn’t be able to relate to Barfi. I communicated as if I had lost my voice and what I would do if I had to communicate.

SD: Even before release, the film is very much talked about on Twitter and has millions of hits on YouTube, does this scare you at all?

RK: No not at all because we make movies for people to enjoy. I am aware that the film may not appeal to a wider audience, in comparison to a commercial Bollywood film which is also very important as you’re reaching out to a far and wider audience. But you saying this reassure’s me. It’s extremely encouraging and honestly motivates me to do different films. I really believe in Anurag Basu’s vision and I hope the hype does translate into people having a good time at the movies. It’s our job as actors and film makers to reciprocate the love we always receive.

SD: You’re working with Priyanka Chopra once again after Anjaana Anjaani. From the promotions Priyanka’s role seems extremely difficult. How was it working with her again?

RK: Yes our previous film Anjaana Anjaani was far more glamorous. When Priyanka came onto the set for the first time I totally disconnected; and thought who is this? She completely surrendered to the role. Playing an autistic character is extremely hard and can border onto over-acting too. But she has done a fabulous job and made my work so much more easier.

SD: You’re look in the film is rather cute; what is your general involvement in terms of what you wear and the look of the film?

RK: The look of the characters and the film plays a significant part. Yes we do convey our opinions but credit goes to Akhil Arora who is the stylist. The look is influenced by Charlie Chaplin and Raj Kapoor. But acclaim must also be given to the lightening, cinematography and photography; we all have contributed to the film in our own way.

SD: On a personal level what are your favourite brands and how do you decide what is suited to the function?

RK: I am not all that fashion aware. Its only when am abroad I try and keep an eye out. I like Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, All Saints and even markets. But nowadays your personal stylists play a huge part in what you wear when. I often seek advice from fashion designer friends too.

SD: Rockstar was one of the biggest hits of 2011; and you received various accolades for your role and like we have mentioned previously both films are very different from one another. How are you choosing your films?

RK: Supriya, I follow my instinct; and I feel so grateful that I have the choice in working with such immense talent. My choice is determined by the kinds of work that is coming my way. I just don’t want to be type casted so early on in my career so am hoping to do as many different films as I can.

SD: Are there any particular filmmakers you would like to work with?

RK: I would love to work with Imitiaz Ali [Jab We Met, Love Aaj Kal, Rockstar] again. Aditya Chopra [Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Veer Zaara] Raj Kumar Hirani [3 Idiots]. But I guess anyone with a good story to tell. Some filmmakers just make movies for the sake of it which is bordering onto being dangerous. I think you need a partner who is as passionate as you are. Making movies isn’t a joke, a lot of money and time goes into this. And people are spending a lot of money on purchasing these tickets too. We can’t take this for granted.

SD: You belong to the first family of Hindi Cinema; and your family and you have witnessed a lot of change and progression within the industry; any particular change you would like to bring?

RK: I consider myself to be fortunate, I came into the industry at the right time whereby actors have the liberty of working in any genre they feel fits best. Whereas in my fathers [Rishi Kapoor] era actors used to get type casted very easily. Cinema has grown and continues to do so.

SD: Will we be seeing RK Films churning out any films in the near future?

RK: Yes most definitely, but at this present moment in time, my acting assignments take precedence. But we are hoping to bring forth some good stories.

SD: Recently you and your father performed at the IIFA’s in Singapore; again a much talked about affair. Will we be seeing your father and you together in a movie?

RK: My father is the only person whom I feel intimidated by. I admire him a lot and to work with him will be an honour. We have been offered several films and have had stories narrated to us. But we’re both individual actors and scripts should appeal to both of us.

Barfi! releases on the 14th September.

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