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"I love comedies..." -- Ashish Chowdhry
- Amanda Sodhi           Let us know what you think about this article writer Amanda Sodhi brings you an interview with actor Ashish Chowdhry, in which he talks about doing comic films, his dream role, his upcoming films, and more!

How do you feel about the reactions to your recent films, including Daddy Cool?

I feel happy, content…to a decent extent, because of the reviews I've received. It’s been fun each time to get acceptance, but also it hurts each time I don’t see a film hitting bull’s-eye…But, then, there are max 8-10 hits a year, which means all the films cannot be blockbusters...I'm happy with my average actually! Just that I hope to better myself with each film, which is my focus.

You’ve done a lot of comical roles, such as in Dhamaal and Rama Rama Kya Hai Drama...

I have...I love comedies…they do me well and I do them well...entertainment means a few laughs and it’s great fun to provide them, but it’s important to choose the right scripts. I'm learning, slowly and steadily, on how to recognize scripts better. I was an outsider...I've learned my steps on the real ground...

Do you have any regrets on taking on any films in the past?

Sure…Won’t deny that. I regret doing any film that doesn’t go down well with even a small section of my audience. I'm human...I made mistakes…But, guess what? It’s only the mistakes that make you learn more…so maybe they were meant to happen....

Out of all the films you’ve done so far, which one have you enjoyed the most? was fun shooting and to top it, it was a turning point in my career as well...and I found lovely friends. Actually, Fight Club too gave me my mates...

Do you have any dream role?

Devdas...I'd love to yet another one! I love historical characters...especially romantic ones......

Tell us a bit about the transition from modeling to television to films. I’m sure some of our PlanetBollywood readers remember your performance in shows like Hum Pardesi Ho Gaye.

Well that is the ladder...When you climb it, as you do, you realize that the big screen is on top. It’s another thing that a new ladder begins yet again once you start a career in films. I did it, anchoring, ramp, modeling, serials, documentaries, satellite film, art film and then feature film...came in the hard, yet most definitely, the fun way...!!

Did you always want to be an actor? Did you take any acting workshops?

All kids wish and will to become anyone popular and famous…a Bollwood actor, any kid or grown up too, would love to be...ratio point of view. But, I was kinda shy to say it…I thought it was too cliché..."I wanna grow up to be a movie star"...sounds ridiculous if a kid says it out of the blue...So, I kept it to myself and worked on it discreetly. And, so, no, I did not do any workshops...all practical knowledge, if any. (smiles)

How have you seen yourself evolve as an actor over the past couple of years?

I'm kinda happy. I think it was close to impossible for a nobody, an outsider, to cave his way in here...I had to do all I've done to make it to the big screen. And, as I told u, I got no formal training, or even a day to 'hang' on the sets before I was actually working there. So, each project has been a step towards growth, towards that spot I wanna reach to…I have to improve with each film and I have no choice...

You’ve worked with a lot of different directors. Tell us a bit about your observations of their approach to direction as every director has a different style.

They're all different. All the ones who've gone through the grind to make a film in one of the most largely appreciated industry in the world. They know more…more than anyone on the set for sure…and that’s why the money rides on them...Some make it fun and some take it like an exam. But, I do love working with first-timers. I think the hunger works for me...because I'm hungry too!

What qualities in a director do you think makes it easier for an actor to give their best performance?

I think only a director knows if the actor has delivered or’s because a director visualizes a film in his mind... we're puppets, enacting what he/she wants. So, I guess it’s the quality of good perception, combined with the right selection of puppets to enact the perception, that makes a maker a good maker!

Are there any directors and actors/actresses you’d like to work with?

All...I'd love to work with all the senior appreciable actors to gain from their knowledge...and all the newcomers, to gain/retain the hunger to perform...

Do you have any advice for aspiring actors and actresses?

I'd say learn patience along with acting. Patience is virtue here...You cant take a wrong step in hurry. I'd also suggest self-research...It’s important to know your own weaknesses and strengths before you set a goal for yourself....

Any changes you’d like to see taking place in the industry?

I'd like to see piracy disappear. Really…it’s THE most important thing...we gotta get down to the bottom of this and I believe we can…something is in the way...

Tell us about your upcoming films, including Banda Yeh Bindaas Hai.

BYBH comes next, a Ravi Chopra film—I always wanted to work with the man and I'm lucky to have gotten it. Then, at the end of the year will be 'Season's Greetings,' a UTV film that Vicky Chopra directs...working with my dear friends Sohail, Shreyas, Tabu, Javed, etc. Srarted shooting for Double Dhamaal this month...looking forward to that too. And, a few more lined up for next year...satisfied (smiles).

Is there anything else you’d like to add to this interview, Ashish?

Just that my worst nightmare in this career of mine is that nobody, I mean NOBODY, gets my name spelling right... it’s Ashish Chowdhry--I'm here to make a name...just not a wrong one though! (laughs)

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