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"I choose to do good films from now" - Daboo Malik
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Thanks for taking time off to speak to Planet Bollywood. Tell us how your journey in Bollywood has been so far.
My journey in music has been a mixed bag of good and bad phases, I did some good movies and then did some real bad ones in which I tired and gave my best score but they did not find the position they required. So I feel that I do feel blessed that I could record songs which were close to my heart and also get good marketing for them but then you always miss those songs that lost out. The invasion of fantastic musicians in 2005 like Pritam, Vishal-Shekhar, Shankar-Ehsaan Loy and many more got fantastic movies and did great job which I feel was the time I was struggling to take care of my dad’s illness and my focus went haywire and I did loose lot of good opportunities. I made some silly mistakes, so it was time to take back seat. The music in me is now evolved but I am surely going to do something unique and lead in I new directions is my concerts and love of my fans that inspire me all the time

BIG Digital recently released your song “Tu Mile Na Mile” online. How did that happen and what is the response?
“Tu Mile Na Mile” was an outcome of my latest passion to express myself as a singer and in a song, which was highly melodious and would showcase my singing in a broad spectrum of creative melody structure. It is not conventional song but a special crafted song. Lyrics are by Amitabh Verma. The video was shot in places all over America. Hope the music lovers enjoy it! Watch it: here

Having listened to your repertoire of songs since you started composing, I have noticed that they have a very 90’s touch to it, which are always melodious and full of poetry. Do you think there is still a market for these songs nowadays?
You are right about my music having the feel of 90s. There is a strange thing that the songs that made their mark were the songs that had that touch but if songs like “Kya Hua Tujhe” and some of unreleased films had made it, you would have realised that I was totally innovative in my scores my songs in 2002 of Maine Dil Tujhko Diya’s title song remixed by Akbar Sami and the rock song “Ek Deewana” never got the attention as much as “Thodsa Pyaar” so all felt that I was more into just the 90 melodious feel. So the stamp stuck, more so because I catered to the style of T-series as they were looking only for that kind of music and I was the only composer doing it for them

Between 2001 to 2005, you had number of a hits under your belt such as "Khoye Khoye Din Hain" from Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam, “Lagte Ho Tum Ajnabi” from I-Proud To Be An Indian, “Bindiya Bole” from Tum Ko Na Bhool Payenge", among others. But from 2006 onwards, many of your movies were delayed and got released later, until Kisaan came. These releases didn’t have any hit music, but were mostly in synch with the script. What happened to the Daboo Malik at that stage?
If you hear music from a film Marega Saala which never got officially released, it was the turning point of my new scores but this also was not released as it should have been. So it went unnoticed. I am not ashamed to declare that yes I tried hard but could not hit the bull’s eye. You have to have consistent backing from big stars to take you music to the next level. I did three movies with Salman Khan but all of them did not be big hits and he chose to support Sajid-Wajid and they formed a good team.

Then I and Sohail again got together and made Kisaan - the music became a success and it also showed my versatility. This is something which I will never forget because this film gave me the respect and dignity which I was missing. Then from here on I choose to do good films which could match up to at least my sensibility if I was not getting the main stream at least good innovative directors and intelligent scripts started attracting my attention and that’s how I want it to be now.

Listening over your songs, one can notice that there is a slight influence in your melody from your brother Anu Malik, especially with songs like “Kuch Bhi Nahin“ from Maine Dil Tujko Diya and “Jab Tak Tum Saamne“, which sound like Anu Malik numbers from start to finish. The chorus you use also sound the same. Are you still influenced by his music?
My music definitely was close to my brother Anu Malik but that is bound to happen I am his blood brother. But as time went by I found my groove.

You share a close association with Sohail Khan and have done a few movies with him, including the recent Kisaan. Are you doing any more movies for his production house?
I am always the in house man for Sohail Khan and always available for him any time ...we always have a great time making music. Kisaan was small film made with lot of passion. I am always indebted to him for favouring me against all odds.

A lot of your romantic numbers such as the recent “Aankhein Tumhari” from Marega Salaa and “Ajnabee Ehsas Ko” from Do Dilon Ke Khel Mein, went completely unnoticed. How does it feel as a composer?
“Aankhen Tumhari” and “Ajnabi Ehsaas Ko” did not get the right promotions and the songs remain unnoticed. As a composer we always are dependent on the promotions of songs to reach the people but somehow in the days of the internet if the song is good people do pick it up somehow its amazing how it reaches them and then it gets hits on YouTube.

Zordaar saw all the Malik brothers working together. Can we have a project where all of you will be working together again i.e. Anu, Abu and yourself?
Anu, Abu and Daboo Malik! (Laughs) That can now happen if we make a comedy film with all three of us like Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi.

You had a few roles in Hindi movies such as Baazigar and Tiranga. What happened to your acting career as Krish Malik?
Acting is long forgotten and now is limited to the videos which I do for my private music

How are your sons Amal and Armaan doing in Bollywood?
Amal and Armaan are true disciples of music and have learnt a lot and are going great in their musical careers.

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