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“I was actually shivering when Adi Sir told me that I am doing Ek Tha Tiger†– Sohail Sen
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How do you feel after the recent success of Mere Brother Ki Dulhan?
On top of this world! It feels great that the hard work of you and your team get appreciated.

You have worked with singers like Shweta Pandit and Shraddha Pandit this time. Was it from Yash Raj or did you choose them?
It's always a collective decision. Me, Irshaad Bhai, Ali, Adi Ji - we all sat together and decided it.

There is not a single boring moment in the soundtrack of Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. The songs are tailor made and fit perfectly into the situations of the storyline. How come you manage to produce quality stuff even with a hardcore commercial album like MBKD?
That’s the beauty of this film. The script is as such where you need a peppy number. It wasn't a deliberate attempt. It was the script and the director which inspired me and my team to have such a soundtrack.

“Isq Risk” has dominated the charts for a long while and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan was impressive in his performance. Do you intend to work with him again in the future, if a situation arises?
It was a great experience to work with Rahat Sahab. And definitely I am going to work with him soon.

You are now in the Yash Raj camp as they recently offered you Ek Tha Tiger. What was your feeling when you know you’ll be composing for such a huge project?
It’s a great feeling. And I am so thankful to Aditya Chopra Ji. I was actually shivering when Adi Sir told me that I am doing Ek Tha Tiger. After all it's a Salman Khan movie and working with Salman Sir is a dream come true...

Expectations and the bar are being raised with each project of yours, especially after the flamboyant MBKD. What is your success formula for ETT? What can we expect from Ek Tha Tiger?
Frankly speaking, there is no such formula. Everyday you just go to the studio and give your best to whatever you do and the rest is up to our audience to decide. And it’s too early to talk about Ek Tha Tiger’s music but all I can say is that we are trying to do something different for Salman Sir this time as he himself is taking lot of interest in the music making process.

The soundtrack of Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey received rave reviews all across, but after the movie bombed, the songs were forgotten. The same cannot be said for periodic soundtracks, which depend heavily on the box office success of the movie as the people connect with it. Are you disappointed that the soundtrack didn’t receive recognition due to the box office failure of the movie?
I am never disappointed with the failure of the movie. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It's all up to the audience to decide the fate of the movie.

How fortunate do you consider yourself to be, at the start of your career, you have already worked with A. Gowariker and now with Aditya Chopra?
I feel blessed!!! God has been very kind to me and it’s a great feeling to work with both Ashu Sir and Adi Sir as they both are the best creative persons I have ever met. I have learnt a lot from both of them.

Now that you have composed for three big movies, do you think you have carved a style for yourself. Will listeners instantly recognize your music when they listen to one of your tracks e.g. when someone listens to an Anu Malik or A.R Rahman song?
I think they already started recognizing my style. And I hope I keep them entertained with my music.

You also focus a lot arrangements and mixing as equally as music. How do you manage to keep this balance?
It's very important to do that because arrangements and mixing are part of music making process and it actually gives a boost to your song. And I have really been very fortunate to work with the best of engineers and technicians for my songs.

You have completed two masala soundtracks with What’s Your Raashee and MBKD. What other genres would you like to experiment?
I want to do a proper world music album where I can have musicians from all over the world to contribute their style and culture to our Indian music.

Are you friends with the current music composers e.g. Vishal Dadlani regularly sings for Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy (SEL) and vice versa?
I haven't met them yet but out of the current composers, I have a great equation with Wajid Bhai of (Sajid-Wajid). Wajid Bhai is like an elder brother. Even Anu Malik Ji - Anu uncle has always appreciated my work whenever I met him.

How do you pull out tunes for your projects – since they have varying situations and the romantic Bollywood numbers?
I always like to work according to the directors’ visions. I create 3-4 scratches and then the director hears it and takes a call on which one he likes.

Unlike many new comers, you have not shared credits or involved in any projects, where you have to share credits. What are your views on producers bringing on multiple composers on board, with or without the approval?
I don't agree to this.

You have recently completed about 3 years in Bollywood. How long do you think you will survive in this industry?
Well that depends to our audience till the time they keep liking my music. I'll keep composing.

What are you currently listening?
I am listening to lot of world music.

I am personally seeing that Bollywood music is lacking melody and songs now sound more like ad jingles or composed to sound better as ringtones rather than situational tracks in movies. This is a just an observation, without saying I am pessimist about Bollywood music. What are your views?
I don't agree. If Bollywood is lacking melody then songs like “Jiya Dhadak Dhadak”, “Teri Meri” from Bodyguard, “Tere Mast Mast Do Nain” or “Pee Loon” wouldn't be huge hits and liked by everyone. These are just few names. And let me tell you, the list of melodious songs in today's time is long.

Do you have interests outside of music?
I love playing games on my PSP and I love Play Station games. I am hardcore fan of Need For Speed series and FIFA games!

Do you receive any guidance on your projects from your father?
Absolutely!!! My father has been a huge support to my songs. I always take his opinion though he is never satisfied with my work.

What other projects are you currently doing?
I am working on two other projects. You guys will come to know soon.

Thanks for taking time off to talk to Planet Bollywood.
It's always a pleasure Gianysh. Thank you.

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