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“The word ‘Bollywood’…is not auspicious.â€â€”Bhavikk Sangghvi (an interview)
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With extra z’s, k’s and y’s taking Bollywood by storm, one cannot deny the growing popularity of numerology in India’s film industry. With clients including Sushmita Sen, Govinda, Boman Irani, Irrfan Khan, Kangana Ranaut, Smriti Irani and Anurag Basu, 27 year old Bhavikk Sangghvi is definitely one of India’s youngest Astro-Numerologists who also has thorough knowledge of Gemmology. He regularly writes for publications such as The Times of India, Mid Day, DNA and is affiliated with JW Marriott Hotel in Juhu, Mumbai. He even predicted the very tragic November 26 attacks in Mumbai months before. Bhavikk also appears on Starz Ke Sitaare on Zoom TV. Not only that, but he also produces Gujarati plays! Enjoy this in-depth interview with Bhavikk Sangghvi in which he discusses various aspects of numerology, shares how he got into this field, reveals what is in store for Bollywood celebrities and much more!

You belong to a Gujarati family with a business background. How did you decide to become a numerologist and what was your family's reaction? How do they feel about your decision now?

Yes, I indeed tried my hand in our family business of toys but was not happy with what I was doing. Thanks to my supportive family, I joined a film school whereby I learnt the ropes of acting, writing, direction etc. I was always and still am a very creatively inclined person from the beginning. I produce Gujarati plays as well – the one released in May is already a roaring success. The second one opens on 7th December. The reactions to a few special shows which were kept was simply mind boggling. While reading a lot of Bollywood stuff, I came across this science of numbers, which fascinated most of ‘filmwallahs’ and me, too. I gathered more knowledge through books, internet etc. and numerology just pulled me like a magnet. Plus, the thought of helping people out and making their lives better gave me a lot more confidence about this unconventional profession. I knew I was walking a road less traveled, or rather not traveled at all, especially at the age of 24, but was ready to take the plunge and accept the challenge of what fate had in store for me. After getting some initial shocking reactions from my near and dear ones, today they are happy to see my success in just 3 years of practice which no one had anticipated or even thought of, including me, honestly!

It’s interesting that you mention the science of numbers fascinates most ‘filmwallahs.’ However, it seems that numerology has turned into more of a fad these days in Bollywood with the overwhelming majority of films spelled based on advice from numerology. Why do you think numerology has become such a rage in the last few years in Bollywood?

Let me put it this way. In the last few years, numerology has turned ‘fashionable’, yes! Fad, only for people who do it just for the heck of it. That’s because numerology is the ‘only’ science, unlike astrology, which can ‘alter’ your destiny if not change. It has the power to heal your problems to a large extent and most importantly, it’s very simple and practical to follow. The best part is it’s very modern in it’s approach and the tips/suggestions given by the expert are often very basic and inexpensive to follow. Bollywood stars are conscious about following the age old formulae for making things work in their favour and hence numerology is the best solution for them in case of their sinking ship, life, or if they want to elevate much higher than what they have already achieved.

How did you learn numerology? Since there really aren't many schools which teach numerology, how did you learn this craft?

Thanks to the power of internet and various books available across the world on numerology, it helped me learn it all by myself in about two years of research and application. Also I feel that ‘intuition’ works big time in this field. If you don’t receive signals from God, you cannot learn or advise just based on theory.

Tell us a bit about numerology…there are so many numbers one pays attention when offering numerology predictions such as numbers missing and repeated often in a person's name, the personality number, soul urge number, destiny number, maturity number, pinnacle and challenge numbers, secret self number, personal year numbers, etc.

Every alphabet has a certain numeric value attached to it. The table is a secret. Based on your date of birth, we try to make your name vibrate on certain positive numbers which enhances your overall life and brings great amount of satisfaction. Lets say, suppose your date of birth is 16th November, 1973. Then 1 + 6 = 7 is your birth or fate number. While 1 is your destiny or compound number. (1 + 6 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 3 = 28 = 2 + 8 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1). These are the terms which actually matter. Rest does not hold any major significance.

There are people who have the same date of birth but very different fates. Do you just rely on a person's date of birth when offering predictions, or do you also take into account the person's name and their time of birth?

Two people with same date of births, may not necessarily have the same names. If that’s the case, we also consider his/her father’s or husband’s name. If that, too, is the same, which is a rarity, then I also check their ‘rashi’ (moon sign) since I have a decent knowledge of astrology, as well. Unfortunately, most other numerologists do not follow this method and the client does not find any radical changes in his/her life. I re-study their case and most people have found success after that. The time of birth is not considered in numerology but yes, the place of birth matters to an extent.

So, you also combine astrology with numerology! Tell us a bit about how you got into gemstone consultation services.

Yes, as mentioned before, I am an Astro Numerologist. You cannot judge a case just on the basis of numerology. Astrology is more deep rooted. It helps with finding the root cause of the issue. Like astrologers talk of planets, we speak numbers – that’s the difference. Astrology and numerology go hand in hand. The latter is much more advanced and gives out easy to do solutions to alter your life completely. Also, it’s a lot more positive science and has a ‘upaya’ for your every problem. Gemstones play a very important part in numerology. Every planet is associated with a certain stone which helps remove negative rays of your weaker planets and strengthen your ruling planets. But let me caution, a gem just does not work by simply wearing it. I have also studied gemmology, which helps judge a stone from it’s quality, cut, clarity etc. Also we perform ‘abhimantram’ (special puja) on the gems which removes certain negativity attached to every stone. Also, the procedure of wearing it on a certain day, time, metal, finger, mantra (to be recited before wearing) etc. has to be followed to get the best results. Money can buy you an expensive stone, but if you do not the know the procedure of wearing, it makes really no sense.

Now, most of your clients are actually those from Bollywood. Why did you decide to mainly offer your services to Bollywood celebrities?

Well, with tremendous media support and my office being at JW Marriott attracts a lot of famous personalities to me, but still 50% of my clients include non-celebrity people who deal with everyday issues of life. But yes, my very good relations with most of Bollywood actors, producers, directors etc. have helped me to a large extent as they spread the good word about me which I feel is the best way to promote yourself more than any PR exercise.

Is there any difference in "normal" numerology and Bollywood numerology?

Not at all. There is nothing like ‘Bollywood’ numerology. We all are humans after all and the same science is applicable to all us.

What sort of numerology services do you offer when you are brought on board by a film director? Do you tell the director the numbers that the cast of the film should add up to? Or, do you just offer advice on the spelling of a film's name.

It depends on what stage I enter the project. Yes, but ideally it all starts from spelling the name correctly. Also, casting the main leads and to see if they are compatible with the producer & director. Also releasing the film on a certain date is of utmost importance.

However, how much control does numerology have on the fate of a film? For example, one of your projects, Maan Gaye Mughall-e-Azam didn't do that well at the box office. In other words, what good can numerology do if a film's script is bad? For example, Karzzzz flopped despite all the extra z's.

Yes, I totally agree with your viewpoint. Numerology is not a substitute for hard work. The producer and the director of this particular film did consult me regarding the title but the release date was all wrong. Due to technical reasons, such as not getting a good of chain of theatres, in the week I suggested them to release the film came as a roadblock. I have that kind of control in the plays which I produce, but otherwise you cannot force upon your suggestion on to the producer. Also the fact remains, nothing can save a bad film from sinking. Numerology can ensure a face saving initial. The person who did the numerology for Karzzzz seems to have half knowledge. The 3 extra ‘z’s’ where just not required.

While you have many high-profile clients from Bollywood, some of your clients, despite your numerology advice are not having happening and successful careers, such as Kumar Sanu, Nisha Kothari and Dino Morea.

Numerology works for people who follow it. Kumar Sanu has started getting a lot of foreign concerts and domestic tours, after following my advice. He and his wife still thank me for that. He has also officially changed his spelling to Kummar Sanoo through my advocate. Like I mentioned, numerology or any science for that matter cannot work for people who are less talented and do not take their work seriously. Nisha can’t act too easily and her dialogue delivery does need improvement. I can’t help her with that problem. Also, unfortunately she could not buy my gems due to her personal problems. Dino also showed enthusiasm initially but somehow gave up after that. You cannot expect overnight results or even worse by not following it.

Do you think there is any danger in getting carried away with numerology? For example, there are some people who use it for every small thing.

Numerology is ‘harmless’ to begin with and being cautious is always better than getting injured and then regret. For people who follow it for every small thing, my advice to them would be only that much – do not make your or somebody else’s life difficult because of your strong belief. Follow where necessary, but ignore when things should be handled more practically. Numerology can definitely be made a ‘part’ of your life, but your entire life should not depend on it!

Would you like to reveal what is in store for Bollywood and for various celebrities in Bollywood?

The year 2009 will be good for Number 1, 2, 4 and 7 people. Fortunately most actors come under this number. Like Hrithik, SRK, Big B, Shahid, Aishwarya, Bipasha, Vidya, Tabu, Ranbir, Sanjay Dutt, Priety Zinta, Saif Ali Khan, Katrina, Ajay Devgan etc. Sales of spiritual, devotional and romantic albums will hit at an all time high in 2009.

So how numerologically sound is the word Bollywood?

The word ‘Bollywood’ adds up to Number 40 which is not auspicious. It should be banned or spelt either with a double ‘B’ or a single ‘L’. May be, that is why we see such inconsistencies in our film industry.

Tell us a bit about your upcoming projects. Do you plan on writing a book about numerology or teaching numerology? You're currently appearing on channel Zoom.

Yes, I am already in talks with a major publication for writing a book. But time constraints does not permit me to write these days. But may be soon I will be out with a book. With no major schools around, I am definitely planning to teach numerology to people who are serious about it. I get enquiries asking for it almost every day. I will be starting a radio show for Radio City 91.1 FM soon and a column for a Hindi monthly magazine too.

So, tell us a bit about your predictions for (smiles).

Get me the CEO’s full name and date of birth (smiles). But yes, the name ‘Planet Bollywood’ vibrates on Number 3 of Jupiter which is good. With proper data and analysis, things can be turned much better.

Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?

Try something different in life, folks! I chose a profession which was daringly different. Most people still believe so! To prove my point, most doctors, engineers, MBA’s and highly educated professionals come to me at the end of the day for consultation. I can vouch for that fact that with honesty, dedication, dedication and the works, today, I prominently feature along with the most senior astrologers of India. Also, being the country’s ‘youngest numerologist’ makes me feel proud and gives me a certain high. More than anything else, the blessings which I get in return from people of all age groups just cannot be explained in words.

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