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Girl for Shahid Please!
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Someone please find Shahid Kapoor a girlfriend! He has made his maturity and class known to all by dealing with his personal problems with total courage – by taking it all in his stride and plastering a smile on his face. Others may have been tempted to slander through the press but no, not Shahid. After his four and a half year relationship ended with the gorgeous Kareena Kapoor, all were shocked at how quickly and easily she dumped him and replaced him with a more senior Bollywood star, Saif Ali Khan.

Although heartbroken, the “Vivah” hero has handled the situation really well; he has kept mum to the press and maintained a low profile while his ex has inconsiderately flaunted her new love in front of him and the entire filmi world. Both Kareena and Saif attended the film premier for “Saawariya”, where Shahid was also present and the Lakme fashion event, hand in hand making it official that they are together.

From a partner that was sweet and sensitive with a boyish charm to a fickle Casanova, what is this girl thinking? But it’s Shahid we are more worried about. Will he find love again? Let’s have a look at the potentials.

Amrita Rao

Shahid and Amrita have starred in ample films together and are known to get along famously off screen. Their on screen chemistry was fantastic in the romantic scenes of “Vivah”, a great slushy watch for all those romantics out there. The Indian public wants to see more films with them starring together as they have an innocence and sweetness about them, which make them the ideal on screen/off screen couple. Amrita however only acknowledges Shahid as a friend, but who knows, give them a few more movies together and maybe friendship could blossom into romance.

Hrishita Bhatt

Could he re-kindle his relationship with college sweetheart Hrishita Bhatt or is this something that’s well and truly over? It may have been a long time ago but no one ever forgets his or her first love. Both entered Bollywood via a similar route by acting in numerous commercials, ads and music videos before getting their big breaks into stardom. His first music video was for the band Aryans to the song “Ankhon mein teri hein chehra” starring along side was of course Hrishita. Since then Shahid has had a succession of hits and Hrishita starred in the blockbuster “Asoka” with Shah Rukh Khan and ironically Kareena Kapoor. Can his old flame relight the despairing Shahid’s fire? We’ll have to wait and see.

Ayesha Takia

Ayesha, like Shahid has steadily progressed up the career ladder through sheer hard work. Both worked together in the film “Dil Maange More” and the more recent “Fool ‘n’ Final”, where they both played petty thieves and made a very cute couple. Ayesha however has a boyfriend Farhan Azmi, a Mumbai restaurateur, but if they were ever to split, would it be a possibility with Shahid? We hope so.

Vidya Balan

Rumours are afire about Shahid and Vidya Balan’s fast forming friendship whilst shooting for the film “Kismet Connections” in Toronto, Canada. They have been spotted sightseeing together and spending time between shots having coffee and cosy conversations. Speculation is that this close friendship was the reason behind Kareena and Shahid’s split in the first place. Both Vidya and Shahid deny the rumours of an affair saying that they have become great friends and have a great appreciation of the other’s talent, but that’s all.

Sonam Kapoor

After the release of “Saawariya”, the new starlet on the block is our very own Anil Kapoor’s daughter Sonam Kapoor. Fresh to Bollywood stardom, getting a boyfriend this early in her career may hinder her prospects or perhaps possibly increase her status. Having a cute successful actor boyfriend like Shahid to escort her to parties and premiers and to guide her in the pros and cons of fame would be a helping hand to the aspiring actress. I’d rather Shahid than papa Anil, no? The perfect candidate to be Shahid’s girlfriend, Sonam is feminine and delicate looking and also has the Kapoor surname, like Kareena which also matches his own.

It can take time to heal a broken heart and Shahid is taking his personal problems like a man, throwing all his time and effort into his career. We wish Shahid all the best with his love life and career. But if you’re reading please take time to read our list of potentials.

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