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Interview with the ´Zinda Hoon Main´ lyricist - Virag Mishra
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There is one common factor in Dus Kahaniyaan, Alibaug, Woodstock Villa, Tere Sang and Sunday - it is Virag Mishra. He wrote the lyrics for the songs in all these films. Virag Mishra, currently the national creative head of Red FM 93.5 Bajaate Raho, has won many awards in advertising before plunging into radio and is one of the best radio writers with a flair for writing lyrics.

He is the winner of the Star Dust Award in the ‘Best Lyrics’ category for the song ‘Zinda Hoon Main’ from Zinda. He also contributed to the rap portion in the song ‘Ganpat’ from Shoot Out at Lokhandwala. He has also written lyrics for ‘Jimmy’- the debut film of Mithun Chakraborty’s son Mimoh.

According to the buzz among critics, there are some objectionable words you have used in ‘Ganpat’? What are your views?

If we need to portray a farmer in a film, we will take farms and agricultural land as backdrop, and we will use the language which is used by the farmers. We can’t make him speak in English. In the same way, when we are writing a song, we need to write according to the situation and character. The movie ‘Shoot Out At Lokhandwala’ was entirely based on the underworld. The lyric writer used the language used by the underworld don. So what’s wrong in that?

How was your experience while working with Sanjay Gupta and Satish Kaushik?

It was brilliant. Satish Kaushik is a person who finds the roots of any aspect before working on it, and Sanjay has a tremendous sense of music and knowledge of technology. It was really good to work with them.

Where do you see the film industry after 10 years in terms of technology or other aspects?

So many new faces and new talents are emerging in this industry and people like Sanjay Gupta and Satish Kaushik are really making this industry feel proud about their presence.

In writing, there also are certain themes like; patriotism, human emotions and socio-political matters. What is your favorite theme to write on? And do you create any specific atmosphere to write?

If you ask me to write on a cricket bat, I will be able to. As far as atmosphere is concerned, I really don’t need to create one. Sometimes, I use my mobile’s messaging box as my writing pad. I even get ideas when I am speaking to someone. I don’t need to make any specific atmosphere.

Who will be the music director you would love to work with?

Well, I would like to work with everyone, because every music director has his own signature. A writer has to share a special space with the music director because if music is body, lyrics are the soul of a song

You also wrote title songs for TV serials like ‘Chuna Hai Aasman’ for Star One & ‘Mohalla Mohabatwala’ etc. So is there any difference between writing for big screen and small screen?

Yes, absolutely there is a difference. Title song of a serial is to sell the show. When you write for film there will be a theme and situation for which you need to write.

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