Home » Entertainment » Corporation hits ‘Power Star’; Ram Gopal Varma was fined

Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has fined renowned film director Ram Gopal Varma. Ram Gopal Varma had pasted posters of his upcoming film ‘Power Star’ on government walls. The corporation has taken legal action in this case and has imposed a fine of Rs 4,000 on them. This action has been taken to stop the unauthorized use of government property.

A spokesperson of the corporation informed about this matter in an interview to Telangana Times. The action was taken against Ram Gopal Varma under Sections 402, 421, 674, 596 and GHMC Act 1955 and 487. He has been fined Rs 4,000. No one has the right to violate government rules. Even a famous film director has to follow the rules. This action was taken against Ram Gopal Varma to make him aware of this, said the spokesperson of the corporation.