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Actor Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor likewise feels this is a decent open door for makers to renegotiate benefit imparting arrangements to films, as the proportions, as indicated by the on-screen character, have been uncalled for an exceptionally prolonged stretch of time.

In the midst of the continuous pandemic, the OTT stages have supplanted multiplexes and single screens. They have gotten the main decision for makers to discharge their completed undertakings. Bollywood actor Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor is anyway not astounded by the expansion in the quantity of movies going on the advanced course.

While there’s still no clarity on when they’ll reopen, theatre owners have been working towards formulating strategies that would be implemented once they get a go ahead to operate. In such a situation, though actor Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor feels the “financial pinch” that cinemas must be facing, he insists that “slow and steady” is the way forward for any activity involving a huge gathering.

“It’s not cheap to run cinemas, so they’ve to open up at some point with safety measures in place and with implementation of social distancing and regular sanitisation of the premises. But I hope they know what they’re doing and that it’s well thought out. I hope that they’re not desperate to start without having mapped out a proper health protocol, which they should be capable of executing,” the actor says. 

“This is a good opportunity in my opinion for producers to renegotiate profit sharing deals they have with cinemas. For a very long time, those ratios have been unfair. Another issue which needs to be addressed is when a film comes out and if it doesn’t do well in the first couple of shows, the exhibitors remove the film to make way for a more popular film. That’s not the way to do it,” says the actor, who doesn’t hesitate in questioning the integrity of cinema chains.

Kapoor says that OTT gives an opportunity to a film to compete with content all over the world. 

“It’s like playing at the World Cup as opposed to playing at Ranji Trophy. That’s the way I look at doing films. I want people and my friends from all over the world should be able to watch my work,” the actor explains.

“Anyway, the films I like to do, my sensibilities are a little bit offbeat. So, I don’t have that obsession that my films have to release in a theatre. I don’t think that my film has to make this much money and sell this many tickets. For me, that’s not what it is about. I honestly think the box office collection is a reflection of people’s desire to want to go see a film, it doesn’t reflect the quality of the film,” he further said.

“Even even before the lockdown happened and theatres were shut, I was doing a lot on OTT platforms. I’m doing a web film, a cameo in AK vs AK, again a web project, and I’m in talks for another such digital project. Bindra biopic will release in theatres,” shares the actor.