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Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu is known for her strong image. She always spoke freely about nepotism and favoritism in the industry. Taapsee Pannu never shies away from talking on her difficult journey to films. Her journey from the cinema of the South to Bollywood and that too without any godfather, she did well and made her place. In the industry these days, there is a lot of discussion of nepotism, she believes that this is just ‘one more’ challenge in the face of new faces of Bollywood. 32-year-old Taapsee says, ‘But it would be wrong to say that no one knows about it beforehand. Once you know the challenges, you develop the strength to deal with it. ‘

However, Taapsee says that she does not understand that when the children of actors make full use of their benefits, why do not outsiders take advantage of their potential? Especially when the common man also feels comparatively more attached to them. The actress, who has worked in films like ‘Thappad’ and ‘Pink’, says, “If the stars are using their advantages, then why don’t we use it, relying on our ability?” We have the ability to connect with the audience. They supports us because they feels that we are one of them. The journey will be difficult and long, but every inch of success we achieve will be ours. No one can claim a stake in it. It is a beautiful feeling in itself. ‘