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Rhea Chakraborty has spoken to a Mumbai police officer on the phone several times ? At least, the information was obtained from a rear phone call, according to media reports in Mumbai. On June 20, Bandra DCP Abhishek Trimukhe first sent an SMS to Riya. Last 21 June 26 seconds they talked! Rhea called. The call came at 10:30 in the morning. After that Abhishek also called Rhea.

Questions are being raised in various quarters, then did the Mumbai police want to save Rhea? Mumbai police never called Rhea separately and interrogated her. Why? Now this question has become important in Sushant’s investigation.

According to Mumbai media reports, from June 20 to July 17, Bandra DCP Abhishek Trimukhe and Rhea spoke on the phone four times in total. They also exchange SMS. But no one knew the news for so long. On the contrary, when the Bihar police are looking for Rhea, the Mumbai police say they do not know where Rhea is. Why is the Mumbai police doing that? In whose support is the Mumbai police on the rear side? The whole country is now facing this question.