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Since 1996, the year Cosmopolitan launched in India, the world’s largest selling women’s magazine has played a significant role in raising pertinent questions and championing women’s causes. Be it in the bedroom or workplace, Cosmopolitan has always strived to help women be the best version of themselves.

This year, Cosmo India turns 22, and their anniversary celebrations include a special focus on sisterhood. “At Cosmopolitan India, we believe—strongly, firmly, wholeheartedly—that women should support and promote other women,” says Cosmo India Editor, Nandini Bhalla. “It’s time to change the narrative that women are each other’s worst enemies; because when women join hands to become allies, they can influence change and empower each other for a better future.” The Cosmo India 22nd Anniversary issue features a long list of formidable women, who speak about and encourage the spirit (and power) of sisterhood. Taking the lead are three covergirls: global icon Priyanka Chopra, poet and best-selling author Rupi Kaur, and YouTube superstar Lilly Singh.

In her interview, Priyanka Chopra talks about how she accomplished her goals, despite being told by some that she wouldn’t. “I think we, as women, need to make examples of ourselves. I’m not someone who has expectations from people, I only expect from myself. So I just started working really hard and proved all those people wrong. And I hope that the generations of girls after me won’t have to think about these things—that they aren’t good enough to work in international entertainment, or that it’s too late for them,” Priyanka says.

Author Rupi Kaur writes an open letter to young women who grapple with insecurities, and don’t think they’re pretty enough. In her letter, Rupi discusses her own struggles with the idea of what’s ‘beautiful’, while growing up. “I thought how I looked on the outside was innately wrong. When in reality, the outside had nothing to do with it. My mind was using the exterior as an excuse to hold onto the negative thought patterns and ideas society had fed me and young girls around the world,” Rupi says in her letter.

YouTuber Lilly Singh, in her open letter, urges women to not let the fear of failure get in the way of their dreams. “We need to chase our dreams not just to succeed and create a space for ourselves in the world, but also to build a community that helps our sisters around the world who really need the help. We need to chase our dreams not just to succeed and create a space for ourselves in the world, but also to build a community that helps our sisters around the world who really need the help.”

There’s more in this issue, including a very special feature with 31 inspiring women from different walks of life, who echo the same sentiment—that women supporting women is the only way forward. Voices and names include Shobhaa De, Anupama Chopra, Ira Dubey, Adwaita Nayar, Mallika Dua, Shikha Talsania, and more, who share their stories and experiences to help highlight how by empowering women, we can empower the entire community. Plus, what drag queens can teach us about feminism, why every woman needs a ‘work wife’, the biggest fashion and beauty trends of the moment, and much more.

PS: the 22nd Anniversary issue also comes with a bonus Cosmo Man issue, starring the latest toast of Bollywood, Ishaan Khatter. In his interview, Ishaan says, “I feel so fortunate that I get to do this, that I really don’t feel pressurised. At the end of the day, filmmaking is all about telling stories, and I’m just doing my part. I never think of myself as an individual performer; it’s teamwork. And I want to contribute my bit and do my best. What I’ve seen and learnt from life is that when you give it your best, when you’re in it a 100 percent and you give it your blood, sweat and tears, something beautiful will come out of it.”