Home » News » “If you are tired of listening to remixes, you will love this fresh and original composition” – Rishabh Tiwari on his new single Duniyadari

Rishabh Tiwari is one the brightest rising stars of the music industry today. The young singer, who has earlier delivered a couple of popular songs in the past, is back to regale the listeners with a new song titled Duniyadari.

Talking about his new track, he says, “Presently, there is a trend of recreating old songs. Duniyadari is a fresh tune made with pure feelings. If you are tired of listening to remixes, you will love this fresh and original composition. It can take you to a different world filled with love. When Tarun Sharma and I wrote this song, we were not very impressed with the first bounce, but now we are super proud on how the song came out. Mr. Sam Fernandes and Mr. Pankaj Kureel gave us the full liberty to create this song in a new way. Then, Winston Jose shot the video in a wonderful manner.”

The song has Rishabh’s stamp all over it and yet, is different from the kind of work he has done earlier.

“When it comes to Duniyadari, we didn’t think of any commercial perspective.  We just wanted to create music that we would be proud of and hopefully, touch the hearts of people who like original music. Every song is different from the other as it has its own journey. That is what makes it unique. I hope Duniyadari gets as much love as my earlier songs received.”

It has been more than two months since the country was put into lockdown. This resulted in the work of people, working across different sectors, getting disrupted.

“I am still working on various jingles and songs in our home studio with Tarun. I get more time to spend with my piano and guitar. I think all of us have got a chance to introspect and look within during this period. I am constantly creating new music and in the near future, the audience will hear a lot more from me”, states Rishabh.

Rishabh already has a few songs in his kitty which will come out soon.

“I have two songs ready that will be releasing soon. We shot those songs before lockdown happened. I am just waiting for the right time to present them in front of the audience. For now, I am looking forward to the reactions and feedback for Duniyadari.”