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From Money Heist Season 5 releasing in April 2021 to Manila killing Arturo in the upcoming season of Netflix series, here’s what we know about La Casa de Papel

Taking the world of digital streaming by storm, Spanish series La Casa de Papel aka Money Heist is enjoying a massive viewership on Netflix especially as its fourth season greeted fans this quarantine on April 03. While the fourth season has gripped fans in its viral fever, speculations about season five hitting the platform next year are rife. 

A rumour circulation on social media has it that Arturo, the problem creator for lead characters and even the Professor, will probably be killed by Manila. While the storyline of the fifth season is strictly under wraps, buzz has it that the most disliked character from the series, Arturo will face death.

Since the makers dropped the third season on July 19, 2019 while the fourth part came out on April 3 this year and given Netflix’s rule of releasing the latest season with a gap of six months from the previous season, fans can’t help speculating the release of Money Heist‘s fifth season in April 2021. Though makers have not stated officially, fans are hopeful that there is a quite possibility of their assumptions turning real.

Despite the release of its fourth season, Money Heist‘s season three has become the talk of the virtual world. The reason is not the script, suspense or acting but a cameo by Brazilian football superstar Neymar. The Paris Saint-Germain FC striker was scheduled to appear in the third season of the show. He essayed the role of a monk named Joao, who makes an appearance in episodes six and eight of the third season.

Neymar’s scenes were not added during the initial release in July last year because of a rape allegation registered against the footballer by Brazilian model Najila Trindade Mendes de Souza. However, Netflix have now re-launched the two episodes with Neymar featuring in them.

In the fourth season of Money Heist, the story sees two drama-filled major heists. While the previous seasons ended at satisfying notes and cliff-hangers, season four left many fans upset with its heart-breaking content.