Home » News » Times Music releases international singer-musician Vee Kapoor’s new single Saavaro

Many a times, the desis or the NRIs who live abroad, have a greater sense of Indian-ness in them than the ones who live in the country. Many a times, these people express their love for their motherland through their art. This is what Vee Kapoor has doing for years. The musician cum singer grew up London but his music as flavours of India in it. Now, Kapoor is ready to release his new single which is an ode to Lord Krishna.

Talking about the track, he says, “The single is called ‘Saavaro’ which means hue of black. It is an ancient poem about Krishna, revisited with a new composition in Raag Bhimpilasi sung by me. I have created a new and unique genre of spiritual music which is highly emotive and powerful. I have worked with renowned music producer Shammi Pithia who also plays Bansuri and Sarod Maestro Soumik Datta, both of whom are featured on this track.”

The singer-musician takes pride in being trained in Indian classical music despite growing up in a foreign land. His music, he says, is an extension of his personality.

“As I have trained in Indian classical music I learnt many ancient raagas compositions and poetry. I wanted these compositions and poems to be accessible to a younger and modern audience. Spiritual music will never go out of fashion but I wanted it to reach out a wider audience by incorporating contemporary elements in it.”

The single, released by Times Music, is now available on all major streaming platforms.