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There are several occasions in our lives when we try very hard to fit in a particular clique or a surrounding. In the process, we often end up making some compromises and lose a part of our real-self. Aren’t we all supposed to different, diverse individuals who are supposed to bring some variety to this world. Every human being is unique in his/her own way and that is exactly what helps them set themselves apart from the people around them. Unfortunately, retaining our individual entity is a lesson we often forget.

Nisha (Shweta Tripathi) has recently been married into the affluent Sarabhai family. The whole familial setup where everybody behaves in a polished manner and is prim and proper at all times is quite new to her. The big Diwali party is around the corner and being the new bahu, she takes up the responsibility to arrange everything. Being the girl who prefers sneakers over high heel, she is not very comfortable wearing a heavy saree and adhering to all that, she thinks, she is expected to do. As husband Vikrant (Anuj Sachdeva) arrives back home after a long flight, he is amused to see Nisha being so stressed about everything and tells her to be herself and not try to bring about any change in her personality to ‘belong’ in the family. “Sarabhai bante bante please Nisha ko mat bhool jaana“, he tells her.

The film hugely benefits from the performances of its leads Shweta Tripathi and Anuj Sachdeva, both of whom put their best foot forward. Shweta looks every bit the ‘outsider’ who has bowed down to the pressure of fitting in. Anuj Sachdeva delivers an efficacious performance as the supporting husband who makes his wife realise that the reason he fell in love with her because of who she really was, so changing herself or conforming to perceived norms is the last thing she needs to do.

‘Besan Ke Laddoo’ is a sweet and simple story which tugs at your heartstrings and delivers an important message in today’s times where everybody feels the need to wear a mask or to change himself/herself to fit in a particular group.