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‘What an idea Sirjee’

This could well be the way to describe Kartik Aaryan’s talk show #KokiPoochega, three episodes of which have already been aired. Dealing with appreciating the frontliners who are braving the battle against corona virus, the snappy talk show with an average duration of around 15 minutes each has already started experiencing growing viewership with every passing episode.

What is special about this talk show is that it actually comes across as an unscripted free flowing conversation with no aura whatsoever being tried to be created around either the host or the guest. Put together as a plain free flowing chit-chat session where Kartik gets into a video conference with the frontliners, it is informative, educative and also light hearted, hence turning out to be rather easy on eyes, ears and mind.

So far, Kartik has called three guests on his show – a covid survivor (Sumiti Singh, Gujarat), doctor (Dr. Meemansa Buch) and a cop (Madhurveena, MP Police), all three being females. For all the talks of misogyny around him, this couldn’t be mere coincidence. Moreover, Kartik ensures that he steps in as a boy next door with ruffled hair, bearded look and a similar T-shirt, hence ensuring that his starry presence doesn’t turn out to be overwhelming for his guests.

No wonder, the guests seem to be enjoying the stage and setting as well. The survivor is happy to talk about how she took all the precautions early on when she first realised covid symptoms. It is good to hear her sharing first hand experience right from the time she was detected with the illness and later when she recovered and how her friends, family members and neighbours welcomed her  back warmly.

It is good to hear from the young doctor as well, all of 29, as she talks about things to be taken care, right from prevention to detection, and how she is going all out to ensure that her maximum time is spent taking care of her patients. It is in fact remarkable to see how Kartik acknowledges the hard work that she is putting in and the noble deed that she is doing.

As the talk show is taking further shape, one can realise that Kartik too has become all all the more comfortable meeting his guests. This is all the more visible in the third episode where he interviews a female cop, who looks quite tough, yet sensitive with a good sense of humour. She makes sure that she has a witty answer to most of Kartik’s questions and shares a lot of her own perspective too about how police is dealing with the current situation. This is where one also gets a smile on the face as she tells Kartik that he could well be suited to play a ‘chota police waala’ given his boyish looks!

Each of the three episodes also concludes with a short message from Kartik where he again addresses his viewers about the most basic precaution to be taken, which is to stay at home. Moreover, there is also a promise for something all the more interesting coming in the next episode.

Well, one indeed looks forward to that as #KokiPoochega is a clear testimony of a celebrity actually using his position judiciously and spending time available to him in a responsible way to help control the menace as much as possible. Hope others follow suit as well in some way or the other.