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So many times you watch the promo of a film and feel that you have figured it all out. Of course you do make up your mind around watching the film or ignoring it, but then either ways you get a good idea of what it would be all about. Well, Batla House turns out to be a film where the overall film turns out to be far ahead of the promo. In case of this Nikkhil Advani directed film, you knew after the fantastic promo that it would be a riveting dramatic thriller for sure. However when you watch the film, you realise that it is a lot more than what was conveyed in those three minutes of the promo. And this is where the strength of this John Abraham starrer lies.

The best part about the narrative that Nikkhil spins for this film is the fact that you keep guessing right till the end about what is truth and what is a lie. Yes, there is a glimpse of the encounter that is shown right at the onset. However what happened behind those close doors that opened after 46 steps from the ground is what makes Batla House as a mystery that you want an answer to before the end credits begin to roll. 

Amidst all of this, it is John Abraham’s fantastic performance that ties the film together. He is in practically every scene of the film and there is no false move that he takes even once. He towers in each and every scene despite an understated performance where he doesn’t raise the volume of his voice even once. He puts forth his arguments in a logical way and tries to let the world know of all the case points that conveyed the true series of events that led to Batla House encounter and what indeed happened. This is indeed his career best performance till date and would win him many accolades.

The film also deserves accolades for the manner in which Nikkhil Advani brings together all the departments that make it a film for the big screen watch in theatres. Whether it is the core script, screenplay, dialogues or the manner in which the film has been shot and edited with background score interspersed in the narrative, just about everything fits in fine. There is a consistent mood of the storytelling and save for a couple of songs that were just not needed in the film, everything else ensures that there is a good amalgamation of realism and fictional elements which makes it a terrific watch.

What makes the film stand out though is the second half, and especially the last 40-45 minutes which take it to a different level altogether. As you begin to see different sides of the story, there is an awe factor that comes in and you just can’t help but stay glued to the screen. There isn’t a moment that you want to miss as that could well account for a detail that may come in handy a bit later. Moreover, the dialogues that are mouthed here are simple, yet very effective, which further makes Batla House a film that you get connected to quite effectively.

Overall too the film stays on to be quite effective with the entire team of actors, including Mrunal Thakur, Ravi Kishen, Manish Chaudhary, Kranti Prakash Jha, Rajesh Sharma, Nora Fatehi and the rest supporting John Abraham really well. It is to good credit of Nikkhil Advani that he channelises his resources quite well and gives audiences a film that deserves a watch on the big screen.

Highly recommended.