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With big power comes big responsibility! This statement is always true when it comes to a biggie coming from Bollywood. Especially so where there are forces like Salman Khan, Ali Abbas Zafar and Katrina Kaif coming together. They have delivered a Blockbuster in the form of Tiger Zinda Hai as a trio. In fact in different combinations, Salman Khan and Ali Abbas Zafar have also given Sultan together while Katrina Kaif came up with a memorable act in the director’s debut outing Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. Hence, expectations are huge from Bharat.

Unfortunately though the expectations aren’t met, as Bharat turns out to be a largely disappointing fare, especially since the core need of the audience, ‘entertainment quotient’, isn’t met. You step into the film hoping that there would be some good dramatic and emotional encounters. However what you end up seeing is a very thin plot extended to around two and a half hours of playing time, something that doesn’t quite manage to hold your attention right through.

The film moves forward in an episodic fashion where Salman Khan’s life right from being a child separated from his father (Jackie Shroff) during partition right till 2010 when he waits to be reunited with his family in Delhi is chronicled. This by itself was actually a thin rope to walk on as one slight miss and the narrative had all the chances to end up faltering big time. This is what happens too as the journey taken by Salman and his close friend Sunil Grover along with love partner Katrina Kaif stays on to be erratic.

All of this means that while some of the scenes in the film work sporadically, the entire chain of events don’t quite bind you as an audience. The humour quotient especially is forced for most part of the affair while the emotional moments are also far and few. The dramatic highs aren’t really there due to which there isn’t really a sense of ‘let’s bring on the second half’ when the interval point comes. In fact it is largely underwhelming.

The second half has a few moments in there that do stay with you, especially the one featuring sea pirates and later when a TV channel organises meetings between those who had lost their loved ones during partition. However, that is not enough to sustain your excitement beyond a point because what you are still hunting for is a core story with several engaging points, something that doesn’t quite make its presence felt.

Amongst actors, Salman Khan doesn’t sleepwalk as he did in Race 3 but then as a performer he has done better in Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Sultan. Katrina Kaif pulls off her non-glam part well but there isn’t much meat in her character that would have made her come up with a National Award winning performance, something that Salman Khan is claiming. Sunil Grover is practically the second lead in the film as he features in almost ever scene. He is fine in the film and so are Jackie Shroff, Disha Patani and Kumud Mishra in their cameos.

However, what you want to see is an exhilarating affair that is at least thoroughly entertaining, if not memorable. Unfortunately that doesn’t quite turn out to be the case in Bharat, which ends up making it an average fare at best.

This one could have been better.