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There are some films made with a sole purpose of entertaining the audiences. Then there are some which are made to impart some sort of education. And then there are some which amalgamate all of it and throw in a lot more to make the narrative comprehensively exciting and endearing. This is what Chhichhore turns out to be. It delivers a lot more than what it promises and emerges as a film which also passes on a strong message without thrusting it down your throat. 

The best part about this Nitesh Tiwari directed film is that it has a very strong humour quotient that runs right through the narrative. There is not even a single dull scene in the entire length of the film with nothing really out of place. To think of it, there is so much happening in the film and that too across two different time zones as each of the six college students live through their life as youngsters and also as middle aged people in their 40s.

So what you get to see is hostel life, gags, sports, strategies, romance, bromance, rivalries and so many scenes which are true to life and really relatable. As losers of the college, Sushant Singh Rajput and his hostel mates Varun Sharma, Tahir Raj Bhasin, Naveen Polishetty, Tushar Pandey and Saharsh Kumar Shukla come with a personality trait of their own and in the process bond well. Meanwhile, there is this cute and smart girl of the college, Shraddha Kapoor, who mixes up well with this boy gang as well while falling in love with Sushant.

That said, the film is not just about college life and this is where its strength lies. Even as Sushant and Shraddha, now playing a (divorced) couple tending their son who is fighting for his life at the hospital bed, the other boys of the gang reunite and reminisce the times spent by. This is where two stories run in parallel – the sports event at the college where the bunch of losers participate and the battle between life and death for the young boy. The core message is that of fighting for what its worth and believing that there could well be failure as well on its way.

To convey this message entertainingly, there are several humorous as well as heartwarming moments that make Chhichhore a film which makes for a very good viewing. Of course, since the film is basically set in college, there are some mischievous and naughty moments/dialogues as well which may make a segment of family audiences a bit uncomfortable. However, such moments come and go in quick time and as a result you are back on story on quick time with many other jokes and gangs keeping you engaged.

In the process of it all, performances are all evenly well done with each and every actor truly justifying the character being played on screen. They all had a task in hand as they had to enact a life from the 20s as well as 40s. Prosthetics too play a major role in getting it all right on screen while the actors make sure that their body language, dialogue delivery, facial expression and mannerisms are well in place too to make it all come across convincingly.

The film as a whole is convincing as well and more so because it has an inherent message which is conveyed very well. Just for this message alone, Chhichhore deserves an extra star for producer Sajid Nadiadwala as he backs such a tale. From Super 30 to now Chhichhore, he has made yet another entertaining film which cuts across class as well as mass audience.