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With 2019 coming to a close, there is excitement galore as two of the biggest films are releasing on back to back Fridays. While this Friday has seen the arrival of Dabangg 3, coming Friday would see the release of Good Newwz. So the question that is there on everyone’s mind is, ‘Does Dabangg 3 bring some good news?’

Well, the answer – unfortunately – is ‘no’. 

Not that the film was expected to be a mind blowing affair. In fact the promo too gave an indication of a predictable affair that would be strictly for the mass fan base of Dabangg franchise. However, unlike the Tiger franchise, this one doesn’t have the kind of class appeal as well which adds on to the mass hysteria that a Salman Khan starrer is expected to fetch. This is the reason why expectations from the film were decent to good, and nothing beyond that.

Well, as it turns out, this Prabhudeva directed film turned out to be lesser than what one would have bargained for. While Dabangg was good and Dabangg 2 was even better, Dabangg 3 turns out to be least exciting film in the franchise. A major reason for that is the dated storyline that has been put together for the film. A quintessential hero-heroine-villain tale with the villain lusting for the heroine and the hero getting into a revenge mode is something that Prabhudeva has tried out in R… Rajkumar as well and something similar happens in Dabangg 3 too.

Even that would have been okay had the narrative been peppered with exciting moments, powerful dialogues, all around good performances and fast pace. However, the film ends up being weak in most of the areas as a result of which it hardly turns out to be a festive outing that one was waiting for.

This is the reason why even though Salman Khan features in practically every scene and tried to elevate the drama with his performance, the same can’t be said about rest of the star cast. Sudeep is a very credible actor and surprising he doesn’t have much screen time. The one where he comes face to face with Salman in the pre-climax makes one wonder why there weren’t more such scenes. Sai Manjrekar makes a very average debut and one wonders if added preparation would have set her up better. Sonakshi Sinha is decent in the limited scope that she gets. Arbaaz Khan does well in a part which is better than what he has done in the first two instalments.

The area where there is a lot of focus though is action. There is one major action scene that appears every 15 mins and as a result at least 5-6 long drawn sequences come up. While each one of these has been choreographed on an elaborate manner, the trouble is that the core template is just the same due to which not much novelty comes in. The climax scene was much hyped and though it is quite good, it isn’t something that one hasn’t seen before. That said, it is still the best part of the film.

What could have been better though was music. It is plain average here and due to this very reason there isn’t much excitement even though 5-6 songs keep coming one after another. Had even one of these been a major chartbuster, Dabangg 3 would have been at least a bit more excitement.

Surprisingly, the excitement quotient isn’t much out there in Dabangg 3 which could well have concluded 2019 on a high. At best, the film turns it to be a decent affair which is not unwatchable, but then by no means a must watch affair. Now that’s not something that one would like to settle down for when it comes to Salman Khan starrer. After all, the superstar has set quite a few box office records and the same was expected from Dabangg 3 as well. For now though, it has be seen how far does the film go and whether it manages to be in the vicinity of 150 crores that both Dabangg and Dabangg 2 had scored in their lifetime run.