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A subject like Good Newwz isn’t easy to narrate. When a film has terms like sperms and eggs with ovulation and swimmers thrown in between, it could either become a docudrama or something which risks going below the belt. Pun intended. Well, this is where one has to compliment the entire team of Good Newwz who have brought on screen a film based on the subject of IVF with effortless ease. Though it is quite apparent that for the writers and the director there must have been quite some effort put by them, for audiences it’s a seamless affair.

The promo of this Raj Mehta directed film had clearly established that Good Newwz would be a largely fun affair with credible performances that would result in one joyride for audiences. Moreover, once the second promo turned out to be ultra hilarious as well after a very impressive first promo, the expectations had further increased manifold. Sometimes, such kind of expectations turn out to be counter-productive for a film as one ends up seeing some of the most hilarious parts in the promo itself. However that’s not the case here in Good Newwz.

The two hour long film entertains right through the first half as well as the second half, hence turning out to be a uniformly consistent affair. What strikes you instantly though is the ‘cool’ feel that the visuals have right from the beginning of the film. The modern lifestyle of Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor Khan as well as the fact that they have been trying to have a baby for a while is presented quite well on screen. There are several hilarious moments thrown in here, especially when it comes to the bedroom talks which are naughty yet pretty mature.

The real fun starts though when the couple decides to go for IVF at the clinic of doctor couple Adil Hussain and Tisca Chopra. The whole process is explained with a lot of humor in there, which has a Balki feel to it. The episode surrounding the sample given by Akshay Kumar may make a section of family audiences a bit uncomfortable but youngsters at the urban centers will lap it up in a big way. Later, when Diljit Dosanjh and Kiara Advani arrive on the scene, the ‘sur’ of the film becomes a bit ‘desi’ and it takes a little time to adjust from cool to rustic here.

However, the interval point is expectedly entertaining and then there is no looking back in the second half. While humor quotient stays consistent, it’s the dramatic elements that take center-stage and also turn out to be a focal point of the narrative. The scenes where Kareena takes Kiara out for ‘pani puri’ or when Akshay breaks down in front of Diljit are very well done and reflect the maturity of the four actors. From here, the climax is quite well woven though an additional humorous or dramatic scene as an ending point would have been even better.

As for the performances, yet again Akshay Kumar picks up a subject that not many would have touched. He successfully plays a part which has various shades. The superstar has several topical and relevant films to his name; now add Good Newwz to it. He nails it, and how. The film wouldn’t have been what it turns out to be if not for Kareena Kapoor Khan. She owns the film and makes sure that she is heard loud and clear when she talks about motherhood in the pre-climax. A mature actress was needed for this part and she is just perfect!

Younger couple Diljit Dosanjh and Kiara Advani are oh-so-adorable that you instantly want them to be your next door neighbors. They play this simple couple with so much honesty and love that your heart goes out to them. They are beautiful and lovely! Amongst supporting actors, Adil Hussain, Tisca Chopra and Anjana Sukhani (as Akshay’s sister) fit in the bill well.

Director Raj Mehta has hit a six in his debut directorial outing and his producers (Karan Johar, Akshay Kumar, Apoorva Mehta, Shashank Khaitan) can order a champagne already! The film is set to be a superhit at the bare minimum and could go even beyond that if interiors join the party as well with the urban audiences.