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Sometimes it is all about the expectations!

When the promotion of Student of the Year 2 kickstarted, the stage was set for a fair entertainer in the offering. No one claimed that this was going to be an out of the world experience as it was always on the cards that this Punit Malhotra directed film would be basically a decent outing for the kids. Aimed at school and college students, the popcorn flick was put together to entice the youth. In that aspect, it delivers.

The film’s story is simple as you get to know a student Tiger Shroff who is in love with Tara Sutaria who is actually in love with fellow school mate Aditya Seal whose sister Ananya Pandey is in love with Tiger Shroff. While this quartet plays down, you are well aware of how the entire drama would unfold. The good thing though is that nothing in the film is actually over-dramatised. There is romance, action, sports, humour – everything integrated into the narrative in such a manner that neither do you feel overburdened not overtly exhilarated.

All of this comes from the fact that barring the ‘kabaddi’ sequences towards the end, there aren’t many high (or for that matter low) points in the narrative. While this ensures that you are not bored, it also means that there aren’t those moments either where you end up lending an applause. As an audience, you play along with what unfolds on screen while munching your popcorn.

What you do notice though are the costumes (especially worn by Tara and Ananya), the song-n-dance sequences, Tiger’s action sequences and a few light hearted moments. As a matter of fact how much you wish that there were more action sequences since the screen lights up when that actually happens. 

Another factor that makes Student of the Year 2 work is Ananya Pandey. She is the sweet spot of the film and makes sure that you like what she brings on screen. She plays her part convincingly and speaks the lingo in a manner which is relatable. She is set to have a good run in the industry. As for Tara, she looks really good though her characterisation is the kind which makes her seem confused. As a result, she somehow doesn’t go all the way when it comes to displaying her emotions. She promises to deliver though in her subsequent films. Meanwhile, Tiger is confident as ever and looks convincing as a sportsperson. Aditya, who has impressed earlier too in Purani Jeans, prevents his part to appear as a caricature and instead makes it all balanced. He has a good screen presence too.

As for this film in particular, director Punit Malhotra along with producer Karan Johar make a decent second instalment that follows the same template as the first part while aiming to keep the fun element going for most part of the affair.