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Recently, Paras Nath, one of the most popular flautists from the current generation, uploaded a 14-minute long video of his father Pandit Shri Amar Nath on Instagram playing the flute. Pandit Shri Amar Nath has been one of the greatest flautists and musicians born in the country. He has also been the guru of Paras, who is now the most sought after flautist not just in the industry but in the performance circuit as well.

Talking about the video, Paras says, “My father has been a legend and an inspiration to so many people. Apart from playing in studios and doing live performances, he had been a part of several extensive world tours. A couple of years back, he took a break from playing professionally. Now, he leads a life filled with peace and serenity in Pune. He teaches music to several students who come from different places across the globe to learn music from him.”

Since Pandit Shri Amar Nath has taken a sabbatical from professional music, one would imagine it being a little difficult to convince him to be a part of the video.

“He was a little reluctant at first as he is not on social media and was not sure how things would pan out. But, I spoke to him and he agreed to play the flute in front of the camera. His talent and achievements do not need any introduction but I wanted to reintroduce the young generation to his music. In the video, you can see him playing the raga Chandra Kosh. He was performing on a public platform after a long time. Indian ragas have the power of healing and in times like these, I am sure this rendition work as a healing element for many troubled souls,” he states.

The video, which was uploaded on Instagram a couple of days back has received tremendous love from the many social media users who watched it and were mesmerized by Pandit ji’s rendition.

“I have been several calls and messages from many people in the fraternity ever since I uploaded on the video. They have been telling me how happy they are to see my dad perform after a long time. They have also requested me to ask my dad to perform and upload these videos more often.”

Apart from being his son, Paras has also been his disciple.

“I have learnt many important lessons from him. One particular thing, which he told me, has stayed with me. He told me to be honest with myself. He always says your honesty will reflect in your work and make you a true artiste,” he says on a parting note.