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Some people just talk, but some people with uplifted morals walk the talk. And this is what happened couple of days back, Niraj Kumar Mishra, writer of Baaghi 2, did something which surprised a lot of people. In an elaborate post on social media, he made an open declaration that he, as an individual, is ready to be at the warfront as and when his services are required, he tagged official pages of ‘PMO India’ and ‘Indian Army’ to affirm his clear intention.

“All of us have a responsibility towards our country and we must fulfill it, whoever we are and wherever we are, and I am willing to go some extra mile to extend my support to my brothers in Armed Forces, even if it requires at the warfront to fight against our enemies. Every now and then we get bad news from our borders, our soldiers are getting martyred because our neighbours are back stabbing us continuously through proxy war and terrorism. I’ve deep inherent emotion for my country, and such news affects me deeply, often it makes me wonder, why I’m not at the front to help my Army. And these strong emotions are there since childhood, I remember when I was a kid, we used to hear patriotic songs being played on loudspeakers at every corner of my town, precisely on 26th Jan and 15th August, different patriotic songs from different directions, it used to fill my heart with immense pride, and it still does. Holding the tricolor, marching in school, screaming ‘Jai Hind’ and ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ with my classmates, those two days used to be very special, to an extent that I still remember the tone of the sky.”

He further elaborated on the reasons behind putting out the post.

“I wrote the post out of anguish, but I meant every single word that I have written. If you look around, people across the globe are busy chasing their dreams, some have already achieved it, some are still racing with the world, but all in secured environment, and that secured environment is provided to us primarily by Armed Forces of any country by securing its border, by securing its sovereignty. And these crazy passionate people mostly chose Armed force’s job just out of integrity to serve their country from the front row; they eat, breathe and sleep ‘patriotism’ in spite of knowing the fact that any random bullet could take away their lives. Sadly, the certain lot of younger generation do not know what patriotism stands for. They do not value/understand the sacrifices of those who knowingly risk their lives to keep us safe. Recently I saw a comedy film, ‘The King of Staten Island’, which deals with the issues of millenials, and it also reflects how does certain portion of the current generation is lost due to ignorance, how do they lack empathy, kindness, morals and accountability. The film has a very interesting message too for the current generation. The young protagonist realises his mistakes once he decides to come out of his comfort zone and faces the real situations of real world heads-on. This film resonates with the thought process of current generation across the globe. I strongly feel that real learning doesn’t come from mere words, it comes from witnessing and experiencing lives.”

While some were surprised to read his declaration, those who are aware of the fact the writer had appeared for Combined Defense Services (UPSC) in his early years and cleared three written examination back to back, he was strongly motivated about joining the armed forces, unfortunately he couldn’t clear any of his three SSB interviews.  

“I was not destined to be in the army. It was a heart-breaking moment for me. But as it is said, labour never goes in vain, all the preparation I had done for the competitive examinations came in handy for my very first show ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ Season 1. iIncidentally the protagonist of my first commercial film Baaghi 2 is also an Army Officer.”  

He further elaborates on what triggered him to write the post.

“We have a history of being a peace loving country and never attacked anyone. But right now India is surrounded by hyenas from all the sides. Sponsored terrorism, ceasefire violations at LOC, Chinese aggression, Chinese Virus, never ending attacks of opposition and their unethical support to enemy countries. External enemies are obvious, but we also have many internal enemies, hiding behind the curtains and want to break the country. Then there are those privileged people who sit with their friends in the evening with drinks in their hands and criticize the every single move of government. Now a days, some are even trying to draw parallels with the BLM movement in Indian context, they are constantly trying to provoke people around to deepen the divide. How could you even do that, how illogical and insensitive you could be? I am not saying you cannot question or criticise the government, but by spreading lies and rubbish to further your agenda is absolutely shameful. They are the same people who never stand against the injustice in their own fraternity, but when it comes to national issues, they become experts and their expensive scotch starts talking nonsense. They should be sent to border for few months, for reality check. In a time of crisis like this where we are fighting with Corona, China, Terrorism and Proxy War, all the parties should come together to protect their country. Yes, it is not just your or my country, it is their country too, but unfortunately they all are on a different power trip. At one hand Corona is indirectly responsible for cleaner environment and nature, but at the same time it is also exposing the true nature of human beings. For me it is very simple and clear, first practice then preach, so at this moment of crisis I decided to pledge my allegiance to my country and to my govt. who is fighting against all sort of odds.”

The writer also emphasises on the importance of looking after the needs of our army personnels and giving them due credit for their achievements.

“Sam Manekshaw was the second Field Marshall after K.M. Cariappa. He is one of the finest soldiers and one of the most decorated war heroes we have ever had. Yet, he was treated poorly and had waited for 34 years to get his dues. Why did we take so long to recognise his contribution to our nation? And if we treat a five star rank officer like this, then think of other junior rank officers and soldiers. Till a few years back, the army did not even have bullet-proof jackets. I have been a supporter of the present government and admire them for all the wonderful work they have done, especially for our Armed Forces. Having said that, one must ask them why are they giving these big contracts and associating themselves with Chinese companies. On one hand, you are supporting the Swadesi movement and on the other hand, you are doing business with China. I can understand that some of the projects took off before the relationship between the two countries went sour but now, the government should ensure that we give them a befitting reply at every front for what they are done to us and to the world, and every single Indian, including me, would stand firmly with our country and with our Armed Forces.”

At the end when asked, shouldn’t we emphasize more on peace and brotherhood, he said,

“I’ve heard it before, some elevated souls proclaim that they have no country to fight for, their country is earth and they are the citizens of the world, and indirectly I also suggest the same, protect your boundaries till either you get multiple citizenship or the whole world becomes one, and God forbid if alien attacks, automatically the whole world would become one.”

He smiled and politely ended his statement with, Jai Hind!