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Huma Qureshi shared a boomerang video on her Instagram today where she can be seen flexing her muscles.

Huma Qureshi has been sharing a lot about her fitness routines with fans on Instagram. Today, the actress shared a boomerang video of her flexing her muscle on the gram, and talked about how she has been exercising continuously for the last 40 days.

She revealed that she has been spending these 40 days with her “face flushed red and heart racing” because of the rigorous exercise sessions.

Huma captioned her boomerang, “Stronger, fitter, faster, leaner … what else does a girl need?!! I’ve spent the last 40 days with my face red flushed and heart racing doing the #thesohfit40daychallenge (sic).”

The actress even thanked her trainer to push her to exercise daily and eat healthy. After Huma shared the post, many of her followers took to the comments section to shower her with praises.

Recently, Huma had shared another picture of her flaunting her post-workout glow and flexing her muscle. She had captioned that post, “‘My biggest fear is not failing Not losing Not trying hard and never winning My biggest fear – It’s dying mediocre So hustle my friend Keep knocking on that door Till it opens Or your sheer might breaks it down’ – Me #word #motivation #allornothing #hustle #winnersneverquit #sweat #sweatyselfie (sic).”

The Badlapur star also loves to do yoga. She recently shared a post in which the actress revealed that she did 108 Surya Namaskars.

Have you exercised today?